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The challenge

What is the Walk in Her Name Step Challenge?

It’s a virtual step challenge where you complete 295,000 steps during March 2022 and raise money to fund our next generation of ovarian cancer research. That's one step for every woman diagnosed with ovarian cancer globally each year. Take on 295,000 steps on your own or create a team and record your progress on your online fundraising page. Get sponsored for your achievements, raise funds for the next generation of ovarian cancer research and save lives. 

How does the government guidance on social distancing affect my challenge?

We want everybody to stay safe whilst taking part in the Step Challenge. When completing your challenge, please always consider and follow the government guidelines for social distancing in your area.  You can find more information here.

Is there a fee to take part ?

No, it's completely free to take part.

Can I do it as a group?

Yes! You can create a virtual team and stay connected with friends, family or colleagues. Your team can compete to see who completes the most steps during the month or combine your efforts to collectively reach the 295,000 steps target. 

We want everyone to stay safe when completing their step challenge, so please consider and follow the government guidelines for social distancing in your area. 

If you’re taking part as a solo challenge, you can still connect with our step challenge community by joining our Facebook group or sharing your progress using the #stepforeverywoman. We love to see how you’re doing! 

How can I complete my 295,000 steps?

If you complete 10,000 steps a day for one month, you’ll reach 295,000 steps. You can complete the 295,000 steps as a personal challenge, create a team and compete to see who achieves the most steps or combine your team’s efforts to collectively reach 295,000 steps. 

Do I have to complete steps every day?

No, you don’t have to. Complete your steps however and whenever you want to during the month. You can complete 295,000 steps by doing 10,000 steps a day but there’s lots of other ways to complete the challenge. 

It’s your challenge so take things at your own pace, have a rest day when you need to. Or why not get a little help from your friends? You could create a virtual team and complete 295,000 steps as a group throughout the month. 


How much do I need to raise?

We’re asking you to aim to raise £295 to fund the next generation of ovarian cancer research, but anything you can raise will make a huge difference. If you raise £10 a day you will reach your target. See our Tips and Resources section for lots of fundraising ideas. 

How can I raise funds?

Share your fundraising page far and wide to let friends and family know that you're taking part and why raising funds for ovarian cancer research is important to you. You could also share your fundraising page with colleagues at work or see if your employer will include your fundraising in a staff newsletter or even match your fundraising.

Personalising your fundraising page with a photo and posting regular updates on your challenge are great ways to boost your fundraising and help people to follow your progress. We've gathered some fundraising tips and ideas for in our Tips and Resources section. 

How do my funds reach the charity?

All the money you raise on your online fundraising page is transferred automatically to us.  

If you raise funds offline, you can send a cheque to us: Ovarian Cancer Action, 483 Green Lanes, London, N13 4BS.  

If you do this, please contact fundraising@ovarian.org.uk to let us know so that we can attribute your donation when we receive your cheque. 

I'm taking part as a team, how much do I need to raise?

Every step and every donation helps move research forward, so we’re grateful for however much you raise. You could ask each member of your team to raise £295, or set a collective fundraising target. Be bold and aim high, we know you can do it and we’re here to support you throughout the month.

Tracking my steps

How can I track my steps?

If you use a Fitbit or Strava, you can sync your account with your fundraising page and it will automatically keep track of your steps. You can also use a fitness tracker app such as Google Fit and Mapmyfitness. There are lots of free options out there which you can download on a smartphone. Sync the app with your fundraising page or log in and enter your steps onto your page manually.

I don't have a fitbit or fitness app, how can I track my steps?

You can use a pedometer and manually input your steps by logging in to your fundraising page.