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BeBollywood are taking part in the Walk in Her Name Step Challenge in aid of Ovarian Cancer Action.

FACT: Every year, 295,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer globally. Approximately half of these women will not survive beyond five years. 


This June, Amun and Sonal, Founders of BeBollywood are taking part in the Ovarian Cancer Action Step Challenge to raise funds for vital ovarian cancer research. Ovarian Cancer Action are funding the next generation of research to prevent the disease, diagnose it much earlier and develop effective, personalised treatments. By raising awareness and funding world-class research, they want to help create a future where more women survive ovarian cancer than ever before. Please help support them in taking 295,000 steps, raise funds and save lives! 


Amun's mum and Sonal's aunt Tina was diagnosed with Stage 3 - high grade, Ovarian Cancer. After a full hystorectomy and chemo cycles, Tina is now taking a daily drug called Niraparib (an anti-cancer targeted therapy). 

To kickstart and further BeBollywood's fitness journey, they have decided to workout daily and of course dance in holding each other accountable to get their steps at the highest possible count and what best way to do this in aid of this wonderful charity! Amun and her family and friends have already raised money for Cancer Macmillan and Cancer research UK  (Thank you to everyone that has donated so far! You know who you are! :D ) . They wanted to support this charity in the work that they do.


So, from June 1st 2020: 

- For a month Amun and Sonal will be kicking off with Joe Wick's work out on youtube! 

- When you purchase any of the BeBollywood dance classes, you're able to donate an amount to this charity. 

- Or you can simply donate and give the ladies a positive push in their challenge! 

- Join for free even! - Amun and Sonal welcome anyone to join their team. If you have a fit bit and can track those steps get in touch if you would like to support raising awareness of ovarian cancer and encourage others to get moving and get going! Maybe you are still procrastinating in working out! Well drop them a message so BeBollywood can support you and hold you accountable! This costs nothing! 

- Remember health is wealth :) 

GET MOVING! #stepforeverywoman

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