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We’ll do this together. We’re here to support your challenge every step of the way. Below you’ll find ideas and inspiration to help you reach your fundraising target and complete your 295,000 steps.

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How can I complete 295,000 steps?

Set yourself a stair climb challenge at home

Do an at-home exercise class

Walk, jog, hop laps of your garden

Hold a sports day with your family in the garden

Do a treasure hunt around your home

Have a virtual dance party with your family

More ideas:

  • Multi-task! Step on the spot whilst cooking, ironing or watching TV
  • Don’t forget you can make all of these virtual group activities using video call platforms like Zoom, Whatsapp, facetime and Houseparty
  • Go for a walk once a day. You could set yourself a specific route or destination, or listen to a podcast or audiobook along the way.
    Please remember if you’re going for a walk outdoors, always follow the government guidelines on social distancing and keep 2 metres from others.

Take 295,000 steps, raise funds, save lives

How can I raise £295?

Share your fundraising page and tell everyone why you’re taking part

Share a photo from your walk as a reminder for people to donate

Add your fundraising page link to your email signature

Contact your local press and share your Step Challenge story

Share a fact about ovarian cancer after each walk or each time you hit a steps milestone.

Thank each of your wonderful donors and let them know the difference they’re making

More ideas:

  • Make your page shine. It sounds simple but adding a photo, setting a target and telling your story is proven to significantly increase your fundraising success.
  • Sometimes people don’t want to be the first to donate, so get your fundraising page started by self-donating. Research shows that fundraisers who self-donate raise 54% more.
  • If you raise £10 a day or ask 10 people to each donate £29.50, you’ll reach your target in no time!
  • Encourage friends and family to donate specific amounts, for example: £2.95 is the equivalent of your daily morning coffee, bus journey or a lunchtime meal deal.
  • Let everyone know when you’re close to a milestone and ask them to donate to help you get there, for example: your first £100 or first 100,000 steps.
  • Take a look at our virtual fundraising ideas


'I'm walking for' sign

'I'm walking for' sign

Guide to fundraising online

Guide to fundraising online

Ovarian symptoms poster

Ovarian symptoms poster