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I'm taking part in the Walk in Her Name Step Challenge in aid of Ovarian Cancer Action

Every year, 295,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer globally. Approximately half of these women will not survive beyond five years. March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and I’m taking 295,000 steps throughout the month to raise funds for life-saving research that will help these women, and the next generation, survive.

Please help me take 295,000 steps, raise £295 and move research forward. #stepforeverywoman

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Chicken lickin'!

Sunday 7th Mar
'As we walked along today, we saw a chicken on the way'! 🐔 She was just pecking away totally oblivious to Monty who was very good indeed. He just looked at her in amazement (probably thinking 'lunch') 😆 Monty and I did a 'pawtastic' 13071 today 😃 Beautiful day too 🌞

Over 10k steps in one go!

Saturday 6th Mar
Well today Monty and I managed the whole 10k steps in a mega walk! A bit warmer today so had a few rests but we did it! Interesting wall mural of the late Caroline Flack on our way back.

Mr & Mrs Mallard

Wednesday 3rd Mar
Today Monty and I spotted a pair of ducks nesting 😊 This should make our walk each day a little more exciting, waiting for the 'quacky event'! 😂 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆 Photos will follow...

Dog tired!

Tuesday 2nd Mar
Day 2 of our 10000 steps a day and Monty, my Old Tyme English Bulldog is lagging already! Come on Lord Montague it's early days. We've a long way to go yet!

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