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I'm taking part in the Walk in Her Name Step Challenge in aid of Ovarian Cancer Action

Every year, 295,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer globally. Approximately half of these women will not survive beyond five years. March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and I’m taking 295,000 steps throughout the month to raise funds for life-saving research that will help these women, my own mother, and the next generation, survive.

Please help me take 295,000 steps, raise £295 and move research forward. #stepforeverywoman

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Over 317,000 steps in total! 🎉

Wednesday 31st Mar

Another 6808 this evening ☀️

Tuesday 30th Mar

Over 300,000 steps! More to follow 🎉

Monday 29th Mar

So close, now! 👍

Monday 29th Mar

Nearly finished! 🎉

Sunday 28th Mar

Just beat the rain this evening ☺️

Friday 26th Mar

Not many steps this evening...finished work slightly later and having some time on the sofa x

Wednesday 24th Mar

Getting closer to the goal! 👍

Wednesday 24th Mar

Cleaning and playing fetch with Ruby 😊

Monday 22nd Mar

Not sure where my other updates are...?! 😂

Saturday 20th Mar
I have been walking-promise! I’ve logged my steps, anyway 👍 not very many today, but still a nice walk 😊

Lovely evening again 😊☀️

Wednesday 17th Mar

Evening walks from now on 🌙

Wednesday 17th Mar
Not well lit at the moment, but the nights will be getting longer soon, so I’ll be able to enjoy longer walks with Steve and Ruby 🙂

Evening walk with Ruby and Steve 🌙

Monday 15th Mar

Slightly soggier Sunday walk 🌧

Monday 15th Mar

Change of scenery today! 😊

Saturday 13th Mar
Went to Nant Mill today as the new rules allow-lovely to see Ruby running around and splashing in the water 😊

6722 yesterday 👍

Saturday 13th Mar

A little better today-and had my waterproof trousers on 👍

Thursday 11th Mar

5693...it was miserable!

Wednesday 10th Mar
Not the best week so far 😑 but it all counts!

Not as many steps today, but still counts!

Tuesday 9th Mar
Missed my morning walk with Dad today, so went for a late evening walk with Steve and Ruby 😊

7786 today-over half way, now! 😊

Monday 8th Mar

8995 ☀️

Sunday 7th Mar
Ruby had a lovely run around with the ball today-she’s obsessed! 😊

11,276 👍

Saturday 6th Mar
All the best to everyone and their amazing achievements so far-keep going! Thank you for all the support and to everyone who is joining in-every step for every woman diagnosed xxx

7384 today 🙂

Friday 5th Mar

8230 added to the total 😊

Thursday 4th Mar
Hope everyone is ok - keep up the good work! 😊 x

7200 more 👍

Wednesday 3rd Mar

Another 7356 today 👍

Tuesday 2nd Mar

Misty morning walk 🌫

Monday 1st Mar
8459 steps today-all the best to everyone starting their challenge today!x

Not many steps today...spent the day blitzing the house! 🧽

Sunday 28th Feb

Dropping off Easter Eggs at Mam’s 🐣

Saturday 27th Feb
Lovely sunny walk to drop Easter eggs off at my Mam’s (socially distanced, wearing masks) 🐣 Another 10,663 steps done 👍

Brisk walk and playing fetch 🐶

Friday 26th Feb
Another 7389 steps 👍

Bonus mini walk to the post box 👍

Thursday 25th Feb
Lots of steps today-not the most I’ve achieved so far, but still 😊 x

Another 7817 steps done 👍

Thursday 25th Feb
Another day, another walk around Ruabon! At least we’re able to get out for some light exercise. Another 7817 steps added yesterday-I’ll add more later today (well, in roughly 12 hours!) x

Another day, another walk 😊

Tuesday 23rd Feb
I was able to walk with Dad and Ruby earlier today-Ruby decided to try and eat anything she found on the ground 😑 but another 7218 steps done 👍 x

Lovely evening walk 🌤

Monday 22nd Feb
Lovely evening walk with Steve and Ruby. Hopefully the weather will be better from now on 👍 Hope you’re all well-keep logging those steps! We’ve raised £865 so far-a massive thank you to you all ☺️ X

Longer walk yesterday! 👍

Monday 22nd Feb
Went for a lovely walk yesterday with Ruby and Steve, and managed to total 11,116 steps yesterday!

Another 8,250 steps today 😊

Saturday 20th Feb
Went for a walk with Steve and Ruby-it was raining and windy...hey ho! We did it 👍 x

6,141 steps today...not bad!

Friday 19th Feb
More steps completed today. The weather has been atrocious! Steve took Ruby for a walk earlier today, and I have literally walked laps around the house and the living room coffee table! 😂 Emma x

Another 6,359 steps today!

Thursday 18th Feb
Hi everyone,

Another 6,359 steps today. Went for a shorter walk today-but will be making up for it tomorrow!

Lovely to see everyone logging their steps-thank you all again.

Can’t quite believe that, as a team, we’ve raised nearly £700! Please keep sharing-maybe we can reach £1000...

Emma x

Another 6666 steps!

Wednesday 17th Feb
Out again with Dad and Our cockapoo, Ruby (socially distanced wearing a mask). We will get there slowly! I will need to do more steps in a day to reach 295,000 by the end of March, but I should hopefully get there! Let me know how you are all doing-thanks again for the support! Emma x

First steps towards our goal! 👍

Tuesday 16th Feb
Thank you to Gemma who has also logged her steps today-we’re starting early! 😄


Tuesday 16th Feb
What a fantastic start to fundraising! Less than 24 hours after starting this page, we have raised over £200!

Thank you all so much for donating and joining the team x

The countdown is on!

Monday 15th Feb
Thank you to all those people who have already signed up to the team!

Stretch those muscles-step counting starts on the 1st March.

Please keep me posted on your progress-and good luck, everyone!

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Well done Emma such a good cause. Have donated xx


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Brilliant cause. Best of luck with all the steps xxx


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Done, Brill idea Emmaxx


Emma Reid


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So proud of you sweetheart your a star xx


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Good luck ❤️


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A little something Em would love to join the steps too xx


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Good luck pal 👍👍


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Good luck hun xx


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Well done Em xxx


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Great cause Emma xx


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Fabulous Em x


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Good luck Em and Team Madeleine, I know you will smash it! Xxx


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