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I'm taking part in the Walk in Her Name Step Challenge in aid of Ovarian Cancer Action

Every year, 295,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer globally. Approximately half of these women will not survive beyond five years. March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and I’m taking 295,000 steps throughout the month to raise funds for life-saving research that will help these women, and the next generation, survive.

Please help me take 295,000 steps, raise £1295 and help us make ovarian cancer a survivable disease. 

On a personal note my good friend Kirsty and my niece, Lesley were both diagnosed in 2018. Sadly Kirsty lost her brave fight in October 2020 however Lesley continues to do well following an extensive treatment programme.

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Don’t ignore any of these symptoms and don’t self diagnose. See a professional quickly

Thursday 31st Mar

The common symptoms

Thursday 31st Mar

Bloating that doesn’t come and go should be investigated

Thursday 31st Mar

Last day completed

Thursday 31st Mar
I couldn’t not add a picture of my trusty walking shoes that have been on my feet throughout the month…….apart from when I was stuck indoors with COVID……..I should really add a picture of my slippers too.😂 Last day of my challenge today. A further 18000 steps added and a flurry of donations came in too. £2066 + £324.02 gift aid. I really can’t believe it . I am so grateful to each and every one if you who have sponsored me especially in these tough times where costs are soaring. Clova was with me for my steps today. Just in and round Kirriemuir. Definitely needed a hat and gloves again and got caught up in a few snow flurries. I will add some pictures of the info graphics and ask that you copy and share them as widely as possible. So final words. It has been a great challenge for me personally. I have enjoyed doing the steps with different places visited and many people walking with me. I think Clova has probably done more steps with me than anyone else and she has been a fabulous walking companion. I do so hope that all the money raised will allow the charity to improve the diagnosis and survival rate of women with ovarian cancer. I think of Lesley and Kirsty often and think Kirsty would be proud of what we have done. I have to finish with…….know the symptoms, seek professional help and keep pushing for a second opinion if you need it. Don’t delay, burying your head won’t make it go away. A swift diagnosis may just save your life. Over and out.

Remember to share the symptoms

Wednesday 30th Mar

Penultimate day…..pelted with hailstones!

Wednesday 30th Mar
Penultimate day of my March step challenge for Ovarian Cancer. I was back in Perth and had the company of Hilary who helped me add a further 14000 to my total. Only day I have been pelted with hail stones but lots of sunshine in between the wintery showers. I went back and did the same walk as I did a few Saturday’s ago and it is amazing what you see a second time you missed the first time. Spring is a little further on (despite the winters showers we encountered today) and you can see from the photo the lovely green of the new leaves on the tree in contrast with the beautiful heathers. Please keep sharing the symptoms with friends, family and colleagues to make everyone aware of when to seek professional help.

Weather returned to seasonal norm-11000 steps added….£2000 + raised

Tuesday 29th Mar
Steps were completed in and around Kirriemuir today so no extra photographs added to the gallery. A tad chillier than last week so needed to look out my hat and gloves again.
Just when I thought there was no-one left to sponsor me a further half a dozen received included another anonymous one this evening. Whoever you are thank you so much. 🥰
My total is now 4 times more than I initially thought I could achieve. I am blown away by everyone’s generosity.

Leonie had wanted to do some more steps with me but has been thwarted by COVID however I did add to my steps by picking up and  dropping them in some supplies.

Having a step challenge to complete certainly helps to make you leave the car at home……..with the price of fuel at the moment there is an added incentive.

Only 2 more days to go. Hopefully the snow will stay away until April. 
Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me, supported me and shared the important symptom infographics.  

295,000 steps completed….Clova was there to help

Monday 28th Mar
I am so proud and pleased to be able to report that with 3 days still to go I have achieved the 295,000 steps I set out to complete. I am especially relieved after being confined to the house for 10 days due to The COVID. Clova was by my side for quite a few if today’s steps. I am not going to stop before the end of March though and will aim to add a minimum of 11,000 steps each day until the end of the month. The charity says that 11 women due each day in the UK from ovarian cancer. Hopefully the money raised with all your help will make a huge difference. Thank you everyone. 💕🥰

Sunny Sunday walk round Kirriemuir

Monday 28th Mar
The beautiful weather just continues and I was joined by Keith for a local walk on Sunday. We are blessed to have many interesting walks from our house. We headed up towards Northmuir, round Kate’s wood than over Kirriemuir hill. There are a number of standing stones and a trig point on the way. More photos in the gallery. The Spring flowers are just so beautiful, the chionodoxa are abundant and there are blue carpets of them everywhere. They remind me if my grandma’s garden where they were a sure sing that spring was well underway.

Kitchen disco adds 5500 steps…..this was our footwear!

Monday 28th Mar
We visited our good friends Ronnie and Michelle on Friday in Rosewell (Midlothian). Although we were later arriving than planned due to traffic (typical Friday congestion) we went straight out and did a walk along some lovely local paths. The picture of the horse in the gallery and the blossom were from that walk. I managed to achieve my 10,000 steps and we had a lovely evening. From midnight to 2 am we out the tunes on and despite our footwear (see picture above) we managed to step 5500 steps dancing round the kitchen island. So when I woke up on Saturday I already had more than half my steps achieved. We had a lovely walk after brunch along the old railway line. The Pentlandite were looking wonderful in the back ground. We even saw some rhododendrons that were in flower…….surely that is way too early? An amazing 18700 steps in total on Saturday. Lots of new donations too so I am so grateful to everyone.

Sunny walks day 23 and 24

Thursday 24th Mar
Another couple of cracking days weather wise. As Clova’s dog Walker is poorly I have had the pleasure of her company on my walks over the last 2 days. We had a lovely walk through the quarry, past the Barrie’s cricket pavilion, through Kate’s wood and back down via Kirriemuir Hill yesterday.

The crocus in the picture had opened up to get the full rays of sun. It was spectacular.

Keith also joined us in our walk today. Just in and around Kirriemuir again but in a different direction. We ended up walking through Kirriemuir Den. Clova managed to cool down in The Gairie Burn (very useful for a dog that loves mud and muddy puddles as it gets her lovely and clean).
The crocuses were once again open to the sun, daffodils bright, bright yellow and the picture in the gallery below is a winter flowering jasmine against the blue sky.

Different location for my walks over next couple of days. Check back to find out where I have been.

Please continue to share the symptoms and I am close to reaching my step challenge so hope to smash that in the final week.
If anyone does want to sponsor me who hasn’t there is one week left…….will I crack the £2000 barrier……..????

£1700 now raised

Tuesday 22nd Mar
Another beautiful spring day. Clova accompanied me in 2 walks. Our afternoon walk was with Helen and her visiting 4 legged friend Poppy. Legs are feeling the 24000 steps done today. With donations over the last few days I have broken through the £1700 barrier, By the time gift aid is added it is almost a whopping £2000. So happy.

Lovely walks on Sunday and Monday at Glamis and Forfar Loch

Monday 21st Mar
Had the company of Katie and Clova to help me with my steps on Sunday and Moria on Monday. Second return to both places but with different companions. The sun shone on both days. With Moria we reflected on another friend who like Kirsty lost her fight with Ovarian Cancer after a hard fight. We did walk round the loch in the opposite direction so that was a wee change. The ducks were having a rare time on the water. There is a memorial to The Forfar Witches en route. “Just People”. It was there long before the recent apologies we have been hearing about in the media. I’m back on track with my steps so the 295000 target should be achieved before the end of the month.

Fabulous Perth City walk in the spring sunshine

Sunday 20th Mar
It was a beautiful spring day and I had the pleasure of my meeting up with my friend, Angela in Perth.
It is exactly  equidistant, time wise, for us if the traffic is in our favour.
We chose to do The Perth City walk. If you scroll down to “my gallery” you can see the other pictures including our route.

I had never crossed the Tay using the foot bridge before over Moncreiffe Island. 

The trees have started to blossom, the daffodils were out if located in a sunny position. Angela in her bright yellow was as bright as the daffodils we saw.

I never knew there was a Heather Garden. It was so pretty.

The sun was shining off the water and it really did feel like Spring. Mind you it was a chilly wind and we were glad of out jackets.

I loved the Thistle Sculpture in The North Inch. It was quite spectacular standing out against the blue sky.
Most steps I have done for quite some time and I thoroughly enjoyed it whilst spending time thinking of both Kirsty and Lesley who’s names I continue to walk in.

Day 18: back out and about again and a much better step count

Friday 18th Mar
What a beautiful day to be back out and about after being stuck at home for the last 10 days. 

Spring is definitely in the air. I had 6 legs accompanying me today. My friend, and long standing walking buddy, Hazel and of course the ever faithful Clova.

There are still snowdrops to be seen however the vibrancy  of the crocus’ were what caught my eye.  You can tell the daffodils won’t be far behind.
Buds are starting to appear and there were some flowering bushes that were spectacular but I don’t know what they are. Perhaps everything was just heightened for me but I do just think the countryside was looking extra specially beautiful.

Donations have continued to come in and I am so pleased that I have now raised over £1600 and that’s not including gift aid. Remember if you are a tax payer the government will add an extra 25p in every £1 at no cost to you if you opt in.

If you can share the symptoms that is another really important part of the campaign. Thanks in anticipation.

Garden instead of stairs for some of my steps

Wednesday 16th Mar
Sorry this is all a bit mundane however nothing else I to do about it until I am set free.

Friday, the outdoor world, here I come ….fingers crossed. I have regularly been doing 4000 steps  over the last few days so hopefully will get this to above 10000. 

Donations continue to trickle in and people have been sharing the key symptom messages. I am so grateful for both of these.

No pictures of my garden route today as a bit of a driech   day but maybe tomorrow. The good news is that there are snow drops, crocuses and tete-a tête-à-tête flowering at the moment and it is lovely to see the buds appearing too.
Here is a link to some of the research if anyone is interested. Showcases where some of the funding goes to.

Not much to report

Monday 14th Mar
I have managed to do a minimum of 4000 steps over the last few days but no news as surrounding remain the same.
Once I get back to outdoor walking I will do a bit more awareness campaigning and get the steps back on track so I can deliver on my promise to all of you who have sponsored me.
Tests still remain positive so I’m preparing myself to be confined until midnight on Thursday…..think I might wait until Friday  morning though. I have at least one walking companion lined up….my trusty 4 legged friend. 

The stairs are my saviour

Saturday 12th Mar
Still managing to add to my daily step count as the sponsorship continues to come in.
Just when I think there can’t be any more I receive another email or phone call.
My neighbour has left me an envelope, friends from all over are behind me and know that despite my setback due to COVID I will smash my goal.

I can’t thank you all enough.

I am going to add a picture of my trusty tartan carpeted stair as they have been the source of my steps over the last few days.

I’m still confined to the house and not firing on all cylinders so being sensible but do a wee varied route of the stairs and hall when the opportunity arises.

Hopefully I will have some more interesting photos to share soon…..guess what…….I am missing my snowdrops.

Thanks again everyone and please share the symptoms regarding ovarian cancer so that we can get more women diagnosed earlier. 

Day 9

Thursday 10th Mar
Very lazy day today and only clocked up 2000 steps popping up and down stairs. I did make it count by doing a double journey each time I visited the smallest room in the house though.
I am resting up though as feeling a little under the weather. Don’t want to scupper my chances of completing my step challenge before the end of March by overdoing it when this virus is raging through my body.
Still more donations today so thank you everyone. Now at £1457 which is truly amazing. 

Reduced steps for next week 🥲

Tuesday 8th Mar
Unfortunately I am confined to barracks due to a positive COVID test this morning.
Whilst I am not really I’ll I am definitely under the weather so will just clock up what I can over the next week by pottering. Up and down stairs is about 40 steps so as I am using the facilities upstairs it all adds up.
3000 steps added today. Mighty glad I did a bit extra almost every day before.
As long as all goes to plan I will do extra for the second part of the month and achieve my 295000 by the end of the month.
Thank you for all your support. I won’t let you down. 😀

Less steps today but still on track

Monday 7th Mar
Not so many steps today as just couldn’t get out for a longer walk today. Chipped  away at it though throughout the day and got a few to add to my target.
Walking with my 4 legged friend tomorrow so looking forward to that. 

First weekend of the challenge: Day 5 & 6. Second target reached

Sunday 6th Mar
Saturday: Not the most steps achieved today but lots a steady steps throughout the day meant I managed to do more than 10,000 steps from a variety of activities.
I had a wee walk round Letham after meeting friends for lunch whilst waiting for my lift to Arbroath. Managed to get a wee bit lost so that helped……I really shouldn’t rely on my poor sense of direction! A night out meant steps round the town too.

My Sunday step total was big……helped along by a bit of a boogie then walking a friend home as no taxis available. By the time I got back to my accommodation, there were already almost 7,000 steps in the bag.

Sunday was a beautiful day so accompanied by Keith’s set off to walk a bit of the costal path. We didn’t make it as far as Auchmithie but went further than I had before. I think about 18,000 steps from that walk.

A stop of at House of Dun as their snowdrop festival was on (yes I know I am slightly obsessed but do really love a snowdrop) added to the total. 
Planting  the snowdrops I purchased and the first wee tidy up of the year in the garden added a few more to my overall total for the day of 28,000 steps.

Thanks to a few more donations over the weekend I have surpassed my 2nd goal of £1,295. A truly amazing total so far that will do a lot to help Ovarian Cancer research and awareness.

See the image for an infograph of symptoms to look out for. 

Almost reached second target 😁

Friday 4th Mar
The day started with me being completely blown away by my latest fundraising total.
I am really so happy that I have almost achieved my revised target. Set a massive £1000 higher than I had originally thought I could achieve.

I had the company of my friend Jill today. We had a somewhat muddy but tranquil walk in the woods at Glamis. A favourite walk of mine and delighted to show it off. We were here frequently last year when in lockdown and not much else to do.
We were so fortunate to see a small heard of deer cross the path ahead of us. Not so many birds today but I think we disturbed 2 ducks as they took off noisily from the Dean Water as we walked along the banks. Not too happy at having their tranquility disturbed! 
So many beautiful snowdrops again. My absolute favourite.

Late afternoon I did a quick top up walk from home into Kirriemuir Den and back just to make sure I had achieved enough steps. It was a a much clearer sky and the clouds that were present were tinged with a beautiful red hue. 

To finish my blog I really wanted to thank you all for your ongoing support and most importantly share this too:-

Two thirds of those with ovarian cancer are diagnosed too late when the cancer has already spread. 

Diagnosed early, ovarian cancer is easier to treat, yet too many people don’t know the symptoms. 

This Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, we're saying enough is enough.  

What you can do right now

Graphic showing the symptoms of ovarian cancer

Spread the word 

Head over to social media to like and share our symptoms posts on:

Let's tell thousands more people what they need to look out for and don't forget to use #OvarianCancerAwarenessMonth. 

Day 3: an emotional day

Thursday 3rd Mar
A damper day today but I still had a lovely walk. 

With the cost of petrol at an all time high and a step challenge to complete I decided to walk to pick up the lovely Clova (see gallery) for our usual Thursday dog walk.
20 minutes there, an hour walk and 20 minutes back bagged me almost 12500 steps. By the time you add in the general everyday steps my daily total was 14700.

Although it was a duller day there were so many signs that Spring is here. My walk was up to Northmuir then around Kate’s wood and back.
Snowdrops (one of my favourite flowers) were in abundance. Also beautiful crocuses and aconites.

Continuing the bird theme from yesterday there were female pheasants, crows and I think oyster catchers as well as both male and female blackbirds. I had to do a bit of “googling” when I got back as Clova’s knowledge of birds is not up to that of Leonie’s. 
She is a lovely walking companion though and puts a smile on my face even in the rain. She does love a puddle! 

I can’t quite believe that I have managed to raise more than double what I set out to. I have been feeling quite emotional as a result of everyone’s support and generosity so far. 
So I have upped my goal and reset it at £1295. £295 was what Ovarian Cancer Action initially suggested. 
This will help the research into and treatment of ovarian cancer enormously and I can’t thank you all enough.
Walking gives me time to remember Kirsty and be thankful for the successful treatment Lesley has received. 

Let’s see what tomorrow brings. 

Day 2: overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity and support

Wednesday 2nd Mar
Today’s main walk of the day was round Forfar and Forfar loch. I had the company of Leonie and bumped into my very first donator, Helen and her husband on the way round. Leonie is very good at identifying birds so I had a bit if an education as well as chipping away at my steps.
We saw robins, great tits, sparrows, a wood pigeon and the very pretty dunnock.
We also though we saw the Forfar Loch monster but it was just a black lab in for a swim.
I have had so many lovely messages and and very generous donations.
Feeling truly grateful. 
Didn’t take any picture though. Will try to remember in coming days.

March Step Challenge

Tuesday 1st Mar
Day 1: 2 walks today. I wanted to get a few extra steps in the bag just incase there were some days later in the month when it wasn't as easy.
My first walk of the day was with the lovely golden retriever, Clova. 6445 steps and a few frantic ones to stop her rolling on the muck that had been spread on the field behind my house 😆.
Walk 2 was with Kate and Clova.  Kate's first trip to the riverside walk at Cortachy. The skies were blue and Clova got a wee swim. Another 7327 steps added.
By 4pm 18000 steps done and as I write this now just over 19070 completed. 
I hope I haven't peaked too soon.
Now fir the hard bit.  Promoting what I am doing and asking people to sponsor me.
I'm walking in Kirsty and Lesley's names. 
If you can spare just a few pounds I would be very grateful. 

Thank you to my Sponsors



In memory of my mum and sister in law. Happy to walk with you. X Fantastic effort.


Douglas Hamilton

Well done Fiona I know Kirsty would appreciate it. Look forward to joining you on a walk (plus lunch or coffee & cake as well of course)


Keith Headridge

You will smash this Fiona! You have started this challenge with huge enthusiasm and drive for a great cause close to your heart. Enjoy! All my love Keith xx


Keith Headridge

You'll smash this Fiona. You have started your fundraising with tremendous enthusiasm for a great cause very close to your heart. Good Luck! all my love Keith xx


Jeremy And Angela Southam

Great cause and very happy to be supporting a charity that means so much to you Fiona. We knew you wouldn't take to retirement sitting down! xx


Barbara Stephens

We love you!! Thank you.


Karen & Brian

Such a fantastic cause Fiona. Keep up the great work. xx


Mark And Hilary

Walk your socks off Fiona! An excellent cause, well done you.


Hazel & Henry Craddock

Such a worthy cause Fiona and well done for taking on the challenge. Very best wishes to you.




Lewis & Sarah

Well done Fiona, amazing effort!


Ross Tolland

Proud of you. Keep smashing it! x


Catherine, Garry, Claire & Zoe

Well done on smashing your targets!


Juliet Miller


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Fantastic cause Fiona!



Happy to help


Deb Greenway

Well done Fiona!


John Mcbrearty


Michelle Forbes

Enjoyed our kitchen disco which contributed to your steps xx


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Well done Fiona a great charity to support


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Well done Fiona, you've done amazing xx


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Good luck Fiona


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You can do it Fiona! Great cause x


Helen Shearer

A great effort for a great charity! Well done Fiona. Always happy to join you for a walk/talk!


Moira Adam

Enjoyed our walk together today. Glad you are back on track. Well done.


Mrs Angela


Megan & Logan

Well done Fiona! What an achievement! Best wishes, Megan & Logan x


Anne Baer

All the best Fiona, well done. x


Shiona & Alan

All the best, hoping for lots of lovely spring days for your walks.



Keep walking! I’ll join you anytime, maybe we’ll see more birds on the way.



Well done, Fiona, for taking on the challenge for such a good cause. Hope you get plenty of dry, sunny walks! X


Hazel Melrose

Well done and good luck Fiona. An amazing Charity to support. Xx






Fiona Headridge


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Well done Fiona


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Go girl!!


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Well Done Fiona 👏 👏


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Well done Fiona, you smashed it!


Gillian Inglis

Great work Fiona and good cause. X


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Wishing you the very best with your challenge Fiona!


Anne Goldie

Enjoy your walking and keep on stretching ! Love Anne


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Amazing Fiona! Good luck, you will smash it, lots of love Pete and ‘Sam xx


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Now you are a lady of leisure, you’ll do this challenge no bother! X



We’ll done Fiona with your fundraising and raising awareness. X


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Well done Fiona!! X


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Well done Fiona, fantastic job for a very worthy cause, hopefully more people will get help sooner ❤️


Hazel Collie

Great cause Fiona and I’ll be with you in spirit!



Get walking doon to Glasgow and that’ll do the trick 😜 Love you lots xxxx go smash it for a great cause , your friends would be very proud ❤️ Xxxx


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Well done Fiona, you’re off to a great start and a very worthy cause xxx


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Good luck Fiona. You will smash it x


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Great cause, well done buddy.


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This is from my mom xx


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