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I’m taking part in the Walk in Her Name Step Challenge in aid of Ovarian Cancer Action.

Every year, 295,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer globally. Approximately half of these women will not survive beyond five years. I’m taking 295,000 steps in May to raise funds for life-saving research that will help these women, and the next generation, survive.

Please help me take 295,000 steps, raise £295 and move research forward. #stepforeverywoman

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Wed 27th May - my final walk....

Wednesday 27th May
...will be happening soon! I've not done many updates to this page as I've been using my facebook page to keep everyone up to date.

On this page (not the facebook one, this one you're on right now), there is some tracking for my steps, but as I wasn't able to get my fit bit to hook up with it properly, it is taking data from my strava feed, which just records my daily outdoors walk, so it doesn't show my total steps.

But not to worry, for I have a spreadsheet! This records my daily steps, my cumulative total, how many I still have to do, and how many I would have to do every day if I wanted to finish on 31st May.

As of the close of day yesterday, my cumulative total was 288, 836, meaning that I just have 6164 to go. I'll be heading out soon, to get those last few steps in!

First Day

Tuesday 5th May
Well no doubt you’ve seen my posts on Facebook, so thank you for reading them and following the link to here, for those of you who don’t know my back ground story read on... 

On the 18th December 2013 my twin sister, Wendy Mart, lost her battle with Ovarian Cancer. In the September of that year I had already signed up the the first Women V Cancer Ride The Night, a 100km cycle through London, in the middle of the night. I channelled my grief into fundraising and raised over £6500.

I completed another three Ride The Nighys, raising in total over £10,000. Of the three charities that were supported, one of them was Ovarian Cancer Action.

All charities are struggling a bit at the moment: the large fundraising events they rely on can’t happen - when I came across the 295,000 step challenge it felt like fate spurring me on to both help out the charity, and make me get some exercise at the same time!

Prior to lockdown, 10,000 steps a day wouldn’t be a challenge, but with working from home it certainly is, as most days I seem to be around the 2000 mark. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for nice weather throughout May so that I can get out on some nice walks :-)

Thank you to my Sponsors


William Dickie

That’s me done ,money paid in


William Dickie

Rounded it up to 40,000 steps will start again tomorrow


Uncle Robbie


Jan Dickie

Keep going your nearly up with dad


Elaine Disley

Well done Helen x


Stewart Clarke

Great effort hope you mske the target.



Best of luck Helen - not that you ever need it! You’re a selfless fundraising pro - in memory of your lovely sister (and a dear friend to so many!) x




Kate Clarke

Go Helen.


Miriam Kletz

I took your lead! Most days I still walk in excess of 10000 steps (1.5hrs walking) but on the 1st May I walked 16529 so that's my donation. I have no doubt that you will achieve both the steps and your target.


Helen Mccreadie


Amy Rushby


Jan Dickie


Cheryl Harris

You got this xx


Louise Collins


Helen Mccreadie

For 5.6 miles completed 26 May


James Kuechel

Keep striding away! Hope you’re well. James Nat and Teddy x


Stephanie Adams

Way to go Helen, you do such amazing fundraising through the events that you take part in!


Andrea O'b

Keep up the good work


Helen Mccreadie

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Helen Mccreadie

Tonight's miles


Helen Mccreadie


Helen Mccreadie


Helen Mccreadie

For today's walk


Helen Mccreadie


Helen Mccreadie


Helen Mccreadie


Helen Mccreadie

miles from 14th may


Helen Mccreadie

2.59 miles completed on my outside walk today, so £2.59 donated


Helen Mccreadie


Helen Mccreadie

Last nights miles


Helen Mccreadie


Helen Mccreadie

For 1.96 miles walked this evening


Helen Mccreadie

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