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I'm taking part in the Walk in Her Name Step Challenge in aid of Ovarian Cancer Action

Every year, 295,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer globally. Approximately half of these women will not survive beyond five years. March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and I’m taking 295,000 steps throughout the month to raise funds for life-saving research that will help these women, and the next generation, survive.

Please help me take 295,000 steps, raise £295 and move research forward. #stepforeverywoman

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A Final Thank you

Tuesday 4th May
To all those who supported me and the other members of Team Sparkle in whatever way (sponsorship, walking, listening etc), a massive thank you.  
We have walked an incredible distance and raised an astonishing amount of money. We couldn't have done it without you. 
Much love
Katie xx

Day 30 The Botanics

Tuesday 30th Mar
Bloomin marvellous.  The botanics are in full wonder at the moment so a lovely place to escape to as they replaced our electricity mains! 
7.2 miles 

Day 29: A long walk with Dave

Monday 29th Mar

Street art as it should be. The doors to the Quality Yard in Leith, and under a bridge in Figgate Park. Just beautiful and the photos do them no justice at all. 

14.4 miles

Day 28 Another quiet one

Sunday 28th Mar
Blackford. Afraid a quiet day milewise due to rubbish weather and feeling pretty exhausted. Will be back on form tomorrow! 5.4 miles

Day 27 Buckstone

Saturday 27th Mar

The wild wild west of Edinburgh. This street, in Morningside, was built as part of an advertising campaign for a furniture company... hoping the weather will improve soon..

7.8 miles

Day 25: Arthur's Seat

Thursday 25th Mar
Did you know that in the warmth of the sun gorse smells like coconut suncream? So today we moved into the final week of the walking challenge and I celebrated that milestone with a different one - I reached 250 miles today... Let's see if the target of 300 is achievable by the end of the month (there is nothing like a moving target!) 14.8

Day 24: Dalkeith Country Park

Wednesday 24th Mar

Can you smell the wild garlic?! Used to play here as a kid at the adventure play park and now enjoy it for the lovely walks. 

14.9 miles

Day 23: More Gates

Wednesday 24th Mar

On the theme of functional yet beautiful... these chimneys and gable ends are at Lauriston Castle. A friend's post yesterday reminded me to look up.

15 miles

Day 21: Leith Gates

Sunday 21st Mar

Practical but sculptural, all gates should look like this! And then past the knot garden of Lamb's House where Mary Queen of Scots stayed in 1501.

10.1 miles

Springwatch 20: Springwatch comes to Edinburgh.

Saturday 20th Mar

There are so many of these frogs and toads on the pavements and roads at the moment that you need to be careful where you step, especially in the twilight.  Less walking due to bumping (at a social distance of course) into folk and the games of rugby to watch...

5.5 miles

Day 18: Rest day

Thursday 18th Mar

Rest day in a March heatwave.  Quiet day as I try to get the hole in my foot to heal... so I walked a little (3.3 miles), did some gardening, talked to friends and family and enjoyed the sunshine whilst it's here. 

Day 17: Portobello

Wednesday 17th Mar

What can you do when the weather is so gorgeous and the company so good (thank you Liz), but just keep on walking... To Porty via Leith and back along the banks of Duddingston Loch.

15.5 miles 

Day 16 In Search of Antony Gormley Part 1

Tuesday 16th Mar

A beautiful sunny day and locating three of Gormley's 6 Times sculptures. I love that the statue by the gallery is a full length sculpture that has been half buried.  8.2 miles

Day 15 Murrayfield Stadium

Monday 15th Mar

Sadly not to celebrate a victory after yesterday's game... but a destination with many great memories.

9.1 miles

Day 14 Prince's Street Gardens

Sunday 14th Mar

A quick canter up the hill to wander through the still surprisingly quiet gardens. Blister is getting better so back to some proper distances again this week coming - although have made it over the half way mark of my challenge... only 119 miles to go!

6.1 miles

Day 13: Local walks

Saturday 13th Mar
Just keeping the legs moving after yesterday with a couple of short walks. 6.5 miles

Day 12: The 7 (actually 8!) Hills

Saturday 13th Mar
20 miles, 8 summits (they lie when they say it's the 7 Hills), 2993ft of elevation, a lot of mud, a few drenchings, a snow storm for half of our time on Arthur's Seat, a mild case of sunburn, pork pies, home made biccies, a lot of nattering with the fabulous Dave Harvey and Liz Roberts and a bloomin great day. Knackered.

Day 11: Rest Day

Saturday 13th Mar
A quiet one and a bit of baking.  A long walk yesterday, a mahoosive blister and the 7 Hills of Edinburgh planned for tomorrow mean only a short walk to get food for packed lunches and the baking of snickerdoodles for snacks (most of which will shortly be given to neighbours so that I don't eat them!). Only 3.5 miles...

Day 10: Lauriston Castle and River Almond

Saturday 13th Mar
Long walk with my neighbour Valda along cycle paths, past mega-houses and dodging the rain. Tricky choosing a single photo as so much to see, but loved the fallen tree art so much it had to be that one. 12.9 miles and a massive blister. 

Day 9 Newhaven Harbour

Tuesday 9th Mar

Newhaven Harbour and a stroll to the western breakwater. Managed to stop myself from picking up some fresh langoustine from Welch's Fishmarket.  Admired the fishing boats but not the approaching clouds (forecast looking pretty dodgy for next few days). 8.9 miles

Day 8: 7 Hills preparation

Monday 8th Mar
Friday is going to be the biggie... walking the 7 Hills of Edinburgh.  However with all the coffee shops shut it's a bit tricky to plan loo stops! Today was a foray to find open public loos in the south east of the city - finding the most beautiful street which looks like it's been transplanted from a country village!

Day 7: Granton Breakwater

Monday 8th Mar
A favourite destination. The breakwater was built by Louis Stephenson (of lighthouses game) and is made of huge blocks of marble covered with beautiful lichens. Then back through Trinity for a bit of property dreaming. 

Day 6: Braid Hills and Blackford Hill

Saturday 6th Mar
Dave and I walked over to the Braids to start off with (childhood toboganning haunt) then through the Hermitage and on up to the top of Blackford Hill so lots of elevation. Even broke out the Factor 30! 11.64 miles

Day 5: Corstorphine Hill

Friday 5th Mar
Chilly day but knee and ankle behaved themselves which was a well needed miracle.  9.12 miles today... slowly creeping towards my 250 miles target!

Day 4: City Wanderings

Thursday 4th Mar
A slightly grey day and a pretty painful knee meant two smaller walks around the city today instead of one long one and the first tick off of my previous addresses around Edinburgh. 6.83 miles today

Day 3: Cramond Island

Wednesday 3rd Mar
Slightly longer walk than anticipated at 13.6 miles,  but well worth it as low tide meant that could get to the island and wander back along the beach.  Going to be a quieter one tomorrow!

Day 2: Edinburgh Botanical Gardens

Tuesday 2nd Mar
Hmmm, getting concerned that the lovely weather we've had for the last few days are a false spring... however, I have faith it will get warmer again especially with all the crocuses and snowdrops out in the Botanics today.  Abi, thank you for your lovely company and fantastic chat as we walked.

8.1 miles completed

Day 1 Carlton Hill

Monday 1st Mar
Thank you Edinburgh,  loving the sunshine - please keep it going for the entire month (a few fewer hills would be appreciated though). 

8.15 miles completed. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Olivia Mayell

So proud of you. And what a tribute to Sarah. x



Well done Katie a sterling effort and example to us all...xx


Maria And John Emly

Good luck for your March walks in memory of Sarah and in support of such a worthy cause




Abi Nicoll

Fantastic achievement Katie. Xx


Kirstin And Alex

Well done Katie, so proud of you and thanks for dragging me along on a few miles with you.


The Comers

Go for it, Katie - we are proud of you! Love from Mary & Simon xx


David Harvey

This is for a great cause and I look forward to joining you on some of the walks, particularly the 7 hills of Edinburgh!


Jeremy Wells

Good luck Katie - great cause and a great way to remember Sarah.


Ian Warmerdam

well done!! Ian & Catherine Warmerdam


Alexandra Ayres


Helen Louise Pearce Harvey

Amazing effort Katie and Team Sparkle in memory of a special lady....well done xxx


Lucinda & Steve

Best of luck to you and the team - such a worthy cause. xx


Bennie + Becci

Best of luck Katie! All our love, go go go! Xxx


Anthony And Vanessa Harvey

Well done - tremendous achievement


Janie St John


Jackie Broomhead

Well done Katie. Jackie x




Christopher And Lucy Delacombe

Very impressed by the miles being put in.


The Harraways

Go Katie!! 200 miles already! A fantastic achievement for a great cause. C,R,R&I x


Oliver St John

Good luck Katie


Ali Vincent

Well done Katie! You star! 🤩


The Lyells

Great effort Katie! P&A&A&H&F


Helen Davey (a Friend Of Liz's)



Mark Strudwick

Delighted to sponsor you, Katie, good luck! Much love Mark


Katherine Chiu


Lucy Strathon

You did it Katie - Well done to you and the team! Your poor feet! Lx


Jane S

I hope the Edinburgh weather is kind to you!! Wish I was closer to help natter away the miles - great cause, well done to you and the team xoxo



Brilliantly done.


The Healds

Such an amazing feat! Well done Katie - you go girl!!!


Sophie Dela

Go for it! What a wonderful way to celebrate Sarah's life and continue her fundraising for ovarian cancer research. I remember rattling buckets with her at Waterloo Station while she was undergoing treatment. Much love to all.


Abi Nicoll

Brilliant Katie!


Adam Clarkson

Wow, that is a challenge to set yourself. Good luck and look forward to a catch up and hearing more about Sarah.


Nicole Stout

Keep up the great walking!


Katherine Hart

Go go Katie! What a fantastic effort to honour your friend x



I’m super impressed with what you’re doing Katie. And what a great cause xxx



Fab effort Katie!


Anna Hind

Well done Katie, fab challenge and really worthwhile cause. Wishing you lots of luck, look forward to hearing about it in person over a congratulatory glass of wine: )


Paula Macgregor

Amazing effort all round, well done to you and all team Sparkle you have done your friend proud. Special mention to your walking buddy Liz ( my swim buddy ) your efforts have inspired me to do the seven hills walk soon !! Thank you and good luck 🙌🏻🙌🏻



Legend. Wear sunscreen xx


Louise Wilson



Well done, Katie! Love R, C, E & J xxxx


Anna Warrender

Good luck! Very impressed with your programme so far!!


Katie Harvey