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My target 295000 Steps

I'm taking part in the Walk in Her Name Step Challenge in aid of Ovarian Cancer Action

Every year, 295,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer globally. Approximately half of these women will not survive beyond five years. March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and I’m taking 295,000 steps throughout the month to raise funds for life-saving research that will help these women, and the next generation, survive.

Please help me take 295,000 steps, raise £295 and move research forward. #stepforeverywoman

My Updates

Day 1/31: Remembering and Motivating

Monday 1st Mar
Today begins the long slug: my amazing/crazy family have enrolled me as part of this #WalkInHerName where we walk 295,000 in memory of Nan. As those who know me will already be aware, Nan was quite a superhero to me but to see where I've gotten in the last year she'd be damn proud. I'm weaving these steps into my running training this year and I'm happy to say a good start - almost 20,000 for the first day with a 7.5km run in there! Every day this month we'll remember her and the struggle she went through. 

Stepping for Nan

Saturday 20th Feb
So here it is! We’re about 8 days out from a month of stepping to make some money for this fantastic charity!! If we’re honest, Nan was my favourite person in the whole world and just doing a few more steps than intended and getting off my ass for a month.. so that people like her can maybe get the help they need? It’s a small price to pay. But it doesn’t mean anything without any donations: so please donate. This is one step taken for every strong and brave woman who gets the sinking feeling of the news of this cancer. And we’re step step stepping for someone we’ve loved and/or someone we’ve lost to this shitty disease. Xx

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Fiona Porter

Good luck! I'm sure you'll smash it.


Emily Maria Moran

Good Luck Luke! :)