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Every year, 295,000 women around the world are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and only half will survive beyond five years. You can help change this. March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, join our Step Challenge and take 295,000 steps to fund life-saving research. Together, we can help more women survive ovarian cancer.

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1. Join us

Get started by joining the Step Challenge as an individual or a team and setting up your fundraising page.

2. Track

Track your progress using a fitness tracker app or enter your steps onto your fundraising page manually, and watch your step count rise.

3. Fundraise

Share your page and why taking steps for ovarian cancer research is important to you.

Need help?

If you require help with any of the steps, check out our Tips & Resources or FAQ pages.

Take 295,000 steps, raise funds, save lives

Join our Step Challenge and take 295,000 steps, one for every woman diagnosed with ovarian cancer globally each year. Walk, run, dance or hop your steps during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month this March and together we can fund life-saving research.

Where your money goes

By taking part you can; stay active and healthy, reduce stress and get motivated, fund ovarian cancer research and save lives.

£29.50 will buy a bottle of serum so that our scientists can grow cancer cells in the lab.

£295 funds sequencing of a patient's tumour sample to unlock clues about its development.

£2,950 will fund an MSc or PhD student - the innovators who will make a breakthrough with this disease - for over a month.

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What is the Walk in Her Name Step Challenge?

It’s a virtual step challenge where you complete 295,000 steps during your chosen month and raise money to fund our next generation of ovarian cancer research. That's one step for every woman diagnosed with ovarian cancer globally each year. Throughout a month, walk, run, dance or jump your steps and record your progress on your online fundraising page. Get sponsored for your achievements, raise funds for the next generation of ovarian cancer research and save lives.

How can I complete my 295,000 steps?

However you like! You can walk, run, dance, climb stairs, or jump around the garden. Whatever works best for you.

If you complete 10,000 steps a day for one month, you’ll reach 295,000 steps. We have lots more ideas for you here. You can complete the 295,000 steps as a personal challenge, create a team and compete to see who achieves the most steps or combine your team’s efforts to collectively reach 295,000 steps.

When completing your Walk in Her Name Step Challenge please consider and follow the government social distancing guidelines in your area.

How much do I need to raise?

We’re asking you to aim to raise £295 to fund the next generation of ovarian cancer research, but anything you can raise will make a huge difference. If you raise £10 a day during the month, you'll reach your target. We're here to support you with your fundraising and will be providing tips throughout your challenge. You can also visit the Tips & Resources page for ideas or contact us on 020 7380 1730 or email fundraising@ovarian.org.uk, we always love to hear from you. 

I Will Survive

We’re funding the next generation of research so these girls and their millions of contemporaries will face much better prospects than their mothers, aunts and grandmothers do today. But research takes time. With more support, we can accelerate the rate of progress for women today and for the next generation.

Connect with our step challenge community #stepforeverywoman.

Share a photo from your walk or a screenshot of your steps counter.